A “Better Block”? Try An AMAZING Block!

Maneuvering the crowds this past Saturday, physically seeing and tasting and smelling the Glass Street of our imaginations, we at Glass House Collective were overwhelmed… and silly grinning.

This place was packed! People were everywhere – eating, chatting, buying lawn chairs, selling coffee and making art. Music and the aroma of delicious barbeque filled what little space was left. And the schedule was just as crammed. From ribbon cuttings to belly-dancing, we were hard-pressed to take it all in.

But under the bursting excitement of Saturday’s events was a larger and growing excitement that continues today, represented so well by Charlie Brouwer’s ladders arching into the sky:

This day was a glimpse and a proof. The result of hard work and determination by an entire community, it was a promise.

Glass Street is most definitely on the rise.

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