mary barnett


Mary’s background in media and creative services combine with her love of cities, public space, neighborhoods, and great ideas. As GHC communications coordinator and chief blogger, she not only helps us tell our story but the stories of the people who are impacted by our work. 

Mary believes in the power of stories and art to help root and rouse us. Her locally-focused documentary and art projects tell stories of places in transition.  Mary’s life and media career began in and around New York City but it wasn’t until she moved to Chattanooga when her work as a leader of her neighborhood association led to a commitment to mission-focused and locally impactful projects. This has included roles with the art district, the public library, National Park Partners and, in 2018, as the state media coordinator for the launch of the Tennessee Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. She enjoys exploring self-expression through photography, mixed media collage, and native gardening. Like her teammates, Mary finds the region’s nearby wilderness and wild trails irresistibly restorative. | Website

Whatever your life brings to you, respond with creativity. If you are celebrating, create. If you are grieving, create. Only create. Always create. Constant creative response. This is the engine of resilience.

-Elizabeth Gilbert