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Postcard Project at Startup Week Chattanooga

Teal posted on 10.24.2014

Glass House Collective  partnered with the Neighborhood Postcard Project to start a Postcard Project here in Chattanooga. This will connect Chattanoogans with East Chattanooga neighborhoods. Read more


City of Chattanooga’s Community Forums

Teal posted on 10.24.2014

The City of Chattanooga’s Economic and Community Development Office receives federal funds to invest in improving local communities and wants the input of its residents to help prioritize community needs over the next five years.

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The First Made with Code Party in Chattanooga

Teal posted on 10.24.2014

Girls Inc. and Google facilitated Chattanooga’s first Made with Code Party on Glass Street. Read more


Thirsty Brush Fall Break Art Camp

Teal posted on 10.23.2014

During Fall break, The Thirsty Brush facilitated a free Art Camp for children ages 6-14 on Glass Street.  Read more


National Night Out

Teal posted on 10.16.2014

On October 7, Glass House Collective participated in the annual National Night Out celebration at Avondale YFD Center in East Chattanooga. Read more