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Collecting Photos of East Chattanooga

Teal posted on 11.04.2014

Did you grown up in East Chattanooga? Did you live in East Chattanooga in the 1930′s, 40′s, 50′s? Did your parents? Read more

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HOPE Call To Action Urban Conference

Teal posted on 11.03.2014

Hope for the Inner City hosted an Urban Conference in East Chattanooga on October 25th. Read more


Establishment of Graffiti Alley (Hive Yard)

Teal posted on 11.03.2014

Urban Artformz Institute began a beautification project on the alley behind Chamberlin Avenue and Glass Street. Read more


Flying Over the Rails Mural by Seven

Teal posted on 11.03.2014

Seven, one of Glass House Collective’s artist completed a stunning two-story mural on the side of Glass House Collective’s building at the corner of Glass Street and Awtry Street. Read more


A Few of our Favorites

Teal posted on 11.03.2014

We engage youth in our everyday tasks at Glass House. They help clean our building, water the plants, and assist in special projects.  Check out what three of our  youth leaders have to say about participating in Glass House Collective initiatives.

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