Glass House Collective

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Teal posted on 07.29.2016

The Shaking Ray Levi Society, Emmy Award-winning artist Wayne White and hosts of community partners Read more

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Building Glass Street Block by Block

Teal posted on 07.28.2016

They are a group of 13 neighbors who care enough about keeping one another informed and involved Read more


Woodwise and Hope Summer Woodshop

Teal posted on 07.28.2016

For the past seven weeks, a consistent group of eight teens have been building wooden stools Read more


Glass Street to Incline to Point Park

Teal posted on 07.18.2016

The air hummed with tangible energy on Saturday morning, May 14 a group of 5 adults and 12 youths

Read more

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The ArchWay Building: Welcoming Business Activity to Glass Street

Teal posted on 07.13.2016

Local neighbors and residents have probably noticed that the former Glass House building has a new owner and identity. Read more