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Community and Police Engagement

Whitni McDonald posted on 02.03.2017
Dr. Everlena Holmes has recently collected local leaders and community representatives to re-establish Read more

Bikes at the Barber Shop!

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.26.2017

In the true spirit of holiday generosity, Mr. Lee McWhirter went above and beyond as a good neighbor Read more


Community Christmas Party

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.25.2017

In years past, Glass House Collective has hosted a large holiday party event, but this year, residents led the way Read more


Balloonacy for New Years!

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.23.2017

At Glass House Collective, we welcome the jolt of electricity a fresh year brings. As we passed out Happy New Year balloons Read more


Build Me A World

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.23.2017

Build Me a World is a nonprofit offering support and a creative outlet for neighbors who have Read more