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This summer, GHC’s community coordinator and our representative within CALEB, Lynesha Lake, became active on their Economic Mobility Task Force as the committee co-chair.  She was able to attend the BCG convening with other CALEB members this summer.

Solidarity in Chicago: Bargaining for the Common Good

Teal posted on 10.22.2019

Recently, Glass House Collective became an official member of CALEB and we are already learning so much. Read more

GHC will host an urbanism workshop during the Project For Publics Spaces' International Placemaking Week

Glass House Collective hosts Project For Public Spaces workshop

Teal posted on 08.22.2019

Glass House Collective is excited to welcome the Project For Public Spaces’ International Placemaking Week to Chattanooga, October 1-4, 2019.  Read more


GHC Completes Chattanooga Arts Forward Initiative

Teal posted on 06.27.2019

Glass House Collective is known for supporting  Read more

CALEB, Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence

Glass House Collective Joins CALEB

Teal posted on 06.27.2019

This summer Glass House Collective became official new members of CALEB,  Read more

Sway Week 1

Sway is Officially Launched

Teal posted on 06.27.2019

Sway – The People’s Guide To Community Organizing, Read more