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Welcome the Good Neighbor Network

Teal posted on 09.11.2013

Glass House Collective knows that bringing life back to Glass Street takes more than sprucing up our surroundings. Through the Good Neighbor Network (GNN), we’re focusing on the ways in which we can better support individuals who call the Glass Street community home. The GNN was launched in August of 2013 and is made up of nine individuals who live in the area. Read more

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Facade Improvement Plans Ready for Pick-up

Teal posted on 08.27.2013

A welcoming, vibrant commercial district sends a powerful, positive message about a community. Glass House Collective was founded to bring life back to Glass Street and Glass Street back to life. We are working to restore Glass Street’s unique, historic facades—improving storefronts one building at a time to lend a critical sense of place and ownership to the area. Read more


Road Work on Glass Street

Teal posted on 08.23.2013

Blog by David Barlew, Jr. 

Attention Ahead! Big changes are coming to Glass Street!

After more than a year of continuous hard work by a dedicated team of neighborhood residents, design professionals, city officials, and community organizers, Glass Street is being retrofitted with new sidewalks, new tree wells, and new pedestrian lighting!

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Mural Unveiling Friday, Aug 16th

Teal posted on 08.12.2013

Join us on Friday, Aug 16th at 6pm on the corner of North Chamberlain and Glass Street to celebrate Chattanooga’s largest mural with lead artist Shaun LaRose and his team of talented artists. There will be food trucks on site. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Glass Street Design/Build Camp – Something from Nothing

Teal posted on 08.01.2013

On an empty concrete slab on Glass Street, a handful of teenagers mill around eating pizza…dreaming, planning. It could be called a lunch break, but they’ve passed up the couches in the air conditioned building across the street. Something compels them to stay in the hot July sun they’ve been in since 9 a.m. They’re standing in their space – a place they hope to transform from eyesore to music playground in two short weeks. And the clock is ticking. Read more