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Setting the Stage for Better Block

Teal posted on 02.21.2013

There is a phenomenon in the world of performing arts that is both loved and dreaded by those who survive it. After the actors have rehearsed lines, the dancers internalized choreography, and the directors hammered through notes, all of life comes to a stop for an intense week of putting everything together on stage. This week is referred to as “tech”, and it is an exciting, beautiful, busy, crazy time. Read more


Rise Up Chattanooga

Teal posted on 02.05.2013

Rise Up Chattanooga is a temporary sculpture celebrating community spirit built out of 100′s of ladders borrowed from all over Chattanooga. Read more

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.51.21 PM


Teal posted on 02.05.2013

Request for Qualifications (RFQ): Glass Street Community Public Art Seating Project, Chattanooga, Tennessee
For complete details and an application, Read more


Great Turnout for Glass Street Day of Service

Teal posted on 01.22.2013

As I piled on another layer yesterday morning, debating which jacket provided the best warmth-to-mobility ratio, I was dubious about the turn-out for the Glass Street Day of Service. Read more


Glass Street Ready to Come Alive

Teal posted on 01.17.2013

Stores won’t be vacant anymore. There will be trees along the sidewalks. People will be walking up and down the street.

For one day this Feb. 23, Glass Street will come alive in the way that local leaders are working to implement permanently in the area. Read more