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Service Hub for MLK Day!

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.11.2017
Chattanooga will be honoring Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy through a collective day of service Read more

2016 Highlights

Whitni McDonald posted on 01.03.2017

Glass House Collective invites you, our partners, friends, and neighbors to celebrate the incredible Read more


Glass Street on Main Street!

Whitni McDonald posted on 12.09.2016

We were honored and excited when Jennifer Crutchfield invited youth from Glass Street to participate in this year’s Mainx24 parade Read more


Gearing up for Christmas!

Whitni McDonald posted on 12.09.2016

Neighbors are definitely getting excited about the developing plans coming together for this year’s community Christmas Party, Read more


Neighborhood Revitalization Day!

Whitni McDonald posted on 12.03.2016

It’s pretty exciting when the entire staff and board from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga decide to gather on Glass Street Read more