Causeway Challenge WINNER!

You don’t have to be a nonprofit or a foundation to make a difference. Causeway believes in equipping average citizens to solve problems they identify in their own communities. Through the Causeway Challenge, we look to the wisdom of the crowd to solve some of our city’s toughest challenges. We frame the problem. You propose a solution. For our fourth Causeway Challenge we asked: How can parents help transform public education in Chattanooga? 

In every conversation we have with Chattanoogans about our city’s problems, education is an issue that rises to the top. Education problems are complex, because they are intertwined with so many other issues, both in cause and effect. We know that teachers can’t do it alone, schools can’t do it alone, and students can’t do it alone. It takes all of us to make sure that our students have the support they need, both inside and outside of the classroom. Causeway granted 10 projects in Chattanooga with a $3,000 grant and our amazing partners and neighbors were among the winners! Congratulations to LOVE Fellowship’s work with the 20th Century Learning Center in Hardy Elementary. Here’s the description:

It’s Friday Night, It’s Fun Night!
Project Leader: Joyce Hardaway
Neighborhood/School: Hardy Elementary + Glass Street

This group is re-imagining Friday nights as an opportunity to strengthen family bonds, engage parents and children together, and improve the community. Students and parents from Hardy Elementary and the surrounding neighborhood will come together for nights full of fun activities including student performances, board games, gardening, and exercises designed to promote parents and children learning together. Each week a free, healthy dinner sourced from the community garden will be served while parents receive educational strategies to help their children, reminding them that opportunities to learn can easily be found outside the classroom.

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