City of Chattanooga’s Community Forums

The City of Chattanooga’s Economic and Community Development Office receives federal funds to invest in improving local communities and wants the input of its residents to help prioritize community needs over the next five years.

 To do this the City of Chattanooga is hosting 3 Community Forums.  The Community Forums provide an introduction to the City of Chattanooga’s Five Year Consolidated Plan and federal programs.  To identify community development and affordable housing needs, the forum discusses priorities and engages in conversation to solicit residents’ feedback.

During these forums, residents are asked to prioritize community needs in the areas of infrastructural development, economic development, housing, public services and services for the homeless.  The Forum hosted in East Chattanooga had approximately 15-20 residents participate include 6 participants from Good Neighbor Network and Glass House Collective.

The last of the Community Forums is today, October, 23 at 5:30pm at the South Chattanooga Center (1151 West 40th Street).  Please come out and join the conversation towards making Chattanooga a happy, healthy place to live.

If you are unable to attend one of the Community Forums, please let your opinion be heard by taking a quick online survey at:

For information on the Consolidated Plan Update, please attend the Public Meeting on November 3 at 5:30pm at Chattanooga Housing Authority (801 N. Holtzclaw Avenue).

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