Dr. Everlena Holmes has recently collected local leaders and community representatives to re-establish the Baker North CPIC Meetings at the East Chattanooga YFD Center. We’re excited to hear about her enthusiasm to bring this important community safety gathering back to life. Last Saturday, Feb. 18, the CPD hosted a presentation by Officer Joshua Austin, about how to identify the active gangs around Chattanooga, with special attention given to understanding symbols and colors used by the gangs most active in the Baker North precinct.
Following the presentation, Dr. Holmes took role call, to determine the amount of participation from various neighborhood groups. She was happy to report that this first revived meeting was attended by 22 community members from across 3 local neighborhood groups: Avondale Neighborhood Association, Glenwood NA, Boyce Station NA, Glass Farms Block Leaders, GNN, and ECI (East Chatt. Improvement).
Saturday’s meeting could not have occurred without the initial planning meeting that Dr. Holmes organized in January 2017.
Participants in the initial planning meeting included:
  1. Lt. B. Burns, Commander of Baker North
  2. Melba Luca, Wheeler Avenue Neighborhood Watch & Avondale Block Leaders
  3. Monica Burke, Avondale Neighborhood Association
  4. Jamesetta Gray, East Chattanooga Improvement, Inc.
  5. Janette Richie, Glass Farm Block Leaders and Good Neighbors Network
  6. David Morris, Bushtown Neighborhood Association
  7. Linda Carter, Orchard Knob Neighborhood Watch
  8. Cora Lanier, Boyce Station Neighborhood Association
  9. Olga de Klein, Baker South CPIC Coordinator
  10. Jeffery Evans, Glass Farms Neighborhood
  11. Ed Walter Harmon, Glass Farms Neighborhood
  12. Johnny Patmon, Glass Farms Neighborhood
Dr. Holmes especially appreciated the presence Lt. Burns as CPD Commander and his eagerness to mingle and listen to residents to bring leadership to Baker North.  The information Olga, from Baker South, shared with the group helped the group gain a better understanding of how CPIC Meetings are conducted.  Her part of the planning conversation played a major role in understanding protocol and mission for CPIC going forward.

CPIC, formally known as Community Police Interaction Committee, brings together members of Chattanooga’s communities and its police officers to further an authentic community policing culture, and promote dignity, understanding, and respect in police and community interactions.

We encourage our neighbors involved in Good Neighbor Network meetings who want to improve Glass Farms neighborhood to share their ideas and concerns with police officers and meet some of your neighbors at these monthly Baker North CPIC meetings which are slated to take place every 3rd Saturday of the month.