Gearing up for Glass Street Live!

Giant puppets manned by neighbors and friends parading up the street, 100 years of National Parks celebrated in our own backyard, empty storefronts transformed into art installations and pop-up shops, lots of delicious local food, ongoing music into the afternoon, these are just a few of the major plans we gathered to talk-over and organize last Thursday evening, August 25. This meeting was set to gather all of the folks responsible for contributing any element featured during the big event. It was a vibrant combination of local organization and business owners as well as interested resident leaders and volunteers. Mr. James Moreland welcomed the group and announced related upcoming community events, then GHC Director, Teal Thibaud facilitated a run-down of the day’s festivities, highlighting logistical elements we can still use volunteer help with.

Jennifer Holder, of the Chattery will be leading the parade organizing. She addressed the group about sign-ups for helping with the parade which will involve local musician and artist, Nick Lusko. In preparation, the team will host a culminating puppet creation event at Hardy Elementary school on Thursday, Sept. 22 from 3-5 PM.

So many community partners continually contribute to Glass House Collective’s efforts here, and Teal repeatedly emphasized that the festive atmosphere of this year’s block party is meant to celebrate those partners, and make it a fun-filled party for everyone. To that end, we are set to showcase the business spaces to the greater Chattanooga community partners, while also featuring the contributions local businesses are making, by loaning hand-crafted sandwich board signs for attracting foot traffic throughout the day.

If you or an artist or business you’re affiliated with would like to participate, it’s important to make contact ASAP, so you can stay up to date with all of the most accurate info. (There are no vendor fees for this event!)

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