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We are Hiring for an Interim Director

Job Description:

Interim Executive Director, April 1 – August 15

Serves as director of the organization on a temporary basis. Is responsible for all aspects of the organization including its activities and the relationships between the organization and its board of directors, employees, community, funders, and partners. Sustains and administers the organization’s policies as defined by its board of directors. Directs the work of all employees; monitors the organization’s budget; monitors the quality of the organization’s work. Secures and protects the organization’s assets, including facilities and equipment.

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Opportunity Knocks

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Help Us Do More

We’ve had an incredible year and the next is shaping up to be better than the last! If you believe in us like we believe in Glass Street, help us do more. You can Donate Here or sign up below to set up a meeting with our director to discuss potential funding opportunities.  



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Get Involved

Glass House Collective is always looking for eager change-makers to help be a part of our vision. We accept artists, construction workers, underwater basket weavers or just a person with passion and some extra time. Sign up here while we pull together ways to plug you in to projects of all shapes and sizes.