Get Out The Vote

Important dates, trainings, and volunteer opportunities heading into election seasons.

Right now individuals and organizations in Chattanooga and throughout our River-to-Ridge district are hard at work making sure our election season goes smoothly. There are so many opportunities to get yourself informed and involved! Thanks to The Hamilton County Voters Coalition for sharing this information with us!

Volunteer Opportunities:
What: Texting Voters
Who: The Equity Alliance, Dennis Clark
Details: EA is recruiting phone bankers and P2P Texting
 volunteers now.  You will work with a voter contact list of 17,000 purged voters to offer them an opportunity to re-register to vote! Please consider getting the training and let’s re-invite the 17,000 voters that have been purged from Tennessee’s voter rolls the opportunity to be a part of democracy.

What: In-person Voter Registration
Who: Chattanooga League of Woman Voters,  Sharon Alexander at
Details: If you are willing to do outdoor, in-person voter registration, please check the schedule and contact Sharon Alexander with the times you are available:

  • Sat, Sep 19, 10 am – 2 pm Renaissance Presbyter. Church, 1211 Boynton Dr
  • Tue, Sep 22, 10 am – 2 pm UTC, National Voter Registration Day
  • Wed, Sep 23, 10 am – 2 pm UTC 
  • Sat, Oct 3, 11 am – 1 pm The Bethlehem Community Center, 200 W 38th St
  • Sun, Oct 4, Noon -? Pride 2020, Ross’s Landing

The Chattanooga League of Women Voters are partnering with:
NCBW, Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae, AARP, La Paz, MocsGoVote, Women’s and Gender Studies Dept at UTC, LWV Chattanooga, Hamilton County Voter Coalition. There’s work for everyone at every level of COVID-risk aversity and more groups are welcome! This partnership is taking on a massive GOTV (get-out-the-vote) effort with 4 main thrusts:

  1. In-person Voter Registration and Information Drives
  2. Limited-contact work in delivering materials to schools and apartment towers
  3. No-contact postcard writing and phone calls to registered voters in low-turnout areas and texting and emailing young voters to remind them to vote
  4. Poll Watching

What: Poll Watching
Who: CLWV, Lee Ann Mills (
Details: Poll watchers are at polling places to be an advocate for the voter.  We are concerned about voter intimidation at the polls and our goal is to have someone watching each polling place for early voting and Election Day.  Lee Ann Mills is actively recruiting poll watchers now so that there is time for training and organizing.  Ask about the free online training. 

  • Poll Workers: Learn the difference between being a paid poll worker and a volunteer poll watcher. Both are needed and very important roles. If you are interested in getting paid to be a poll worker, learn more at the link:

  • Free Election Law Seminar, 9-Noon, Sept. 17th.

Stay Informed
Important Dates/Links/Training opportunities

  • What: Watch the documentary: Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook
    Who: Education Chair Hamilton County Voters Coalition, Kelley Elliott
    Details: This Educational documentary can be shared and used for discussions. Use this free 
Password Protected Link to watch the film! 
(Password: rigged55)
  • What: Read the report: Unleashing Power
    Who: The Unity Group,  Eric Atkins:
    Details: We need Souls 2 the Polls day for churches
! Unity Group is working with the 
Poor People’s Campaign in the Mobilizing, Organizing, Registering, and Educating People for a Movement That Votes. 

Read the Unleashing Power Report.