Nothing runs without a solid engine, and Glass House Collective has been lucky to work with a consistent staff engine for nearly two years now. The start of 2018 marks a few changes to our staff’s roles and titles.

First of all, our Executive Director, Teal Thibaud is due to be a first-time Mom on February 22nd, and will be out on maternity leave until June 1st. We’re excited to meet baby Zoe when she arrives, and are grateful for Teal’s time to devote to this new chapter of her life.

The rest of the GHC team continues to work in a part-time capacity, with Operations Director, Tara Poole, overseeing the organizational management and flow with increased hours while Teal is away from the office. She continues to direct grant applications and fundraising campaigns for the organization as well.

Nicole Lewis recently earned a new title as GHC’s Manager of Community Relations, and her exciting projects include managing a neighborhood input plan to gather ideas and responses from local neighbors about the importance of quality public spaces and streetscapes to improving opportunity for local ownership and accessibility at a grassroots level.

Whitni McDonald has chosen to step away from her staff role as Communications Coordinator for a variety of reasons, including the expansion of her personal writing, artistic, and educational projects. Throughout the early part of 2018, GHC will continue to rely on Whitni’s experience and communication skills as a contract client.  We’ve been grateful for her creativity, dedication, and hard work as a staff member, and wish her well along her continued professional journey.

During Teal’s maternity leave, GHC board chair, Monty Bruell, will offer Executive authority and oversight.  Feel free to reach out via email: