GHC Stakeholders’ Lunch and Tour

Members of the community who have contributed to GHC, either financially or through direct involvement were personally invited to gather on Glass Street Saturday, July 30, for a BBQ lunch and tour around the neighborhood to see street art, visit Rondell Crier’s workshop space at Studio Everything, and explore the pocket parks adjoining Glass Street.


During lunch, the group had an opportunity to peruse GHC pamphlets and make introductions, explaining each person’s connection to and interest in GHC’s work. Team members, Zach Atchley, Nikki Lewis, and Teal Thibaud each gave an overview of various moving parts within the collective structure of artist led, community driven projects.


After answering some key questions about gentrification issues and concepts surrounding place-making. The whole gathering made their way down the street to visit Studio Everything, where Rondell showed samples of work crafted by community youth who spend time in the workshop after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. After pointing out sculptures, street art, and park space along the way, the group arrived at the ArchWay building to hear from Michele Peterson regarding her vision as the building’s new owner and a valued community partner with GHC. Currently, her focus is on sharing business and marketing ideas with kids interested in entrepreneurship.


Our goal is to lead future participants in a walk up to Sherman Reservation via the new GHC initiated trailhead. If you would like more information about participating in an upcoming Stakeholders Tour, feel free to contact Zachary Atchley via e-mail:

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