“Glass Farm is growing…. Food!”

Glass Farm neighbors have two opportunities to participate in community or backyard gardening this summer.

Purpose Point Community Health volunteers break ground at the new community gardens at The Village Church 2800.

Purpose Point Community Health Center at The Village Church 2800 has just installed a brand new community garden on the church property with multiple garden beds in place this month. This spot will not only be used to grow food for the community and programs at the new Health Center, but it will also be used to train new backyard gardeners this summer in cooperation with City Farms Grower Coalition.

City Farms Grower Coalition is also providing limited backyard raised bed gardens for residents of Glass Farm to be installed at their homes. Those backyard gardens will come with some informal training at the church site, but they are going fast.

Joel Tippens, who founded CFGC and will be leading the training and resident installations, has been at the forefront of Chattanooga’s urban agriculture movement for more than a decade. He’s passionate about community food security as a component of food justice. He knows what growing your own nutritious food can mean toward discovering greater self-reliance. As an experienced organic farmer, he’s grown food in backyards, vacant lots, in schoolyards, on church lawns, and parking lots; in raised beds, buckets and tires, and even in the bed of an old pick-up truck!

If you think your yard has a sunny place to grow some veggies for your family reach out to Joel via email (joel@wedigcityfarms.org) and see if one of the free raised beds is still available or put yourself on an interest list in case there is another round.

This project was funded by the UnFoundation in the early spring but due to the shutdown, it had to be delayed until now. We can’t wait to follow these gardens through the growing season this summer!

We are literally growing together and this is some good news we need right now.