Glass Street 3D for the AIA Conference

In preparation for AIA’s Urban Design Workshop on Glass Street later this month, Glass House Collective commissioned local entrepreneur Wes Mohney to create 3D models of the buildings on Glass Street. Mohney founded Market3D in Spring of 2011. The project takes Google Earth’s 2D photo-based Street View a step further, with a to-scale digital model of the city as it appears in real life, viewable from any angle and including all the architectural details of each structure.

As Mohney explains, “After we modeled most of Chattanooga in 2010, the city was visible to a global audience who could, for the first time ever, experience a self-guided virtual tour of our vibrant and revitalized downtown. Once Glass Street is live in Earth, anyone with an internet connection can visit the area on Google’s 3D platform and begin to see what this forgotten corridor has to offer moving forward. Architects, designers, and artists can then use these models as a tool to initiate a redesign of Glass Street, with the hope of recreating the revitalization success of downtown Chattanooga.”

With Market3D and Glass Street 3D, it will be easier than ever to see how Glass Street fits in to the larger fabric of the city, as a commercial strand connecting vital new development with beloved residential areas.

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