Glass House Collective believes in the power of arts and culture to strengthen the social and economic development of our neighborhood. Our Art Means Business grant program supports the businesses along our commercial corridor by funding arts based programming and installations. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on local businesses and artists. This grant opportunity will fund arts and cultural projects that drive foot traffic to businesses in the Glass Farm neighborhood in East Chattanooga while simultaneously creating paid work for local creatives. The plan will also support the community’s mental and emotional health during COVID-19 by bringing people together through the healing power of the arts.

Art Means Business grants are intended to fund ideas and initiatives for arts programming and installations that will support economic development for Glass Street businesses, provide paid gigs for local artists, and develop creative experiences in the community.

the deadline to apply is may 12th


let’s put the arts to work for glass street

Art Means Business grants are designed to:

    • Develop Glass Street as a vibrant, commercial corridor and drive foot traffic to local businesses
    • Provide project funding to support Glass Street businesses during a time of economic hardship
    • Support local artists and develop paid work for local talent 
    • Cultivate relationships between Glass Street businesses and local artists, allowing business owners to recognize the arts as a powerful tool for economic development, leading to future bookings 
    • Provide arts and cultural experiences for Glass Farm residents, enhancing quality of life for our community and supporting mental and emotional health during COVID-19
    • Provide safe opportunities for healing and community-building during a time that has created disconnection

who should apply?

Art Means Business is available to businesses that own, manage, or lease space on the Glass Street commercial corridor and hold both City of Chattanooga and State of Tennessee business licenses. Check out the map here to see if your business is eligible for funding.

how will applications be evaluated?

The selection committee will use the following criteria to choose which businesses will receive funding:

  • Arts First – Project or programming budget should demonstrate a significant investment in the local arts community by providing paid gigs for creatives. Does the idea demonstrate working with local artists to invest in the local creative economy?
  • Biz Development – Proposals should demonstrate the potential to generate new customers. Does the proposal support the potential for driving foot traffic to the business? How effective will the idea be in engaging patrons and creating new customers? Does the applicant demonstrate knowledge of how to market their project or program? 
  • Local FTW – Funding should be used to support local and invest funds in the Glass Farm community where possible. Does the application support local initiatives? Will funds be used to compensate local vendors, residents, artists, or performers?
  • Creative, Original, Authentic – Fresh ideas and creativity are a big plus. How creative is the applicant’s idea? If proposing a cultural event or program, does the applicant demonstrate authenticity in approach?
  • Built on Partnership – Standing ovation for businesses that partner up for an application and/or businesses that collaborate with artist(s) on an application. Does the applicant show willingness to partner with other businesses, artists, neighborhood residents or community groups? 
  • Smart MGMT– Projects should be organized, feasible, and able to be launched between June and December 2021 with clear COVID-19 safety plans in place. Does the applicant exhibit strong experience in similar and relevant event execution? Does the lead applicant exhibit organizational experience and the ability to positively execute their proposed idea? 
  • Inclusive + Equitable – Project or programming should reflect the diverse makeup of the Glass Farm community. Does the applicant show intentionality around working with diverse artists, performers, partners, and/or vendors? Does the submission show intentionality upon welcoming diverse audiences to their business?
  • Impactful – Proposal should indicate how the event or installation will impact the Glass Farm neighborhood. How has the applicant communicated the larger goals and significance of their idea?

ready to apply? let’s get started

All applicants are encouraged to schedule a meeting with GHC staff or a member of the advisory council to discuss their proposed idea before they submit their application. Email to schedule an appointment.

Once you’ve shared your idea and confirmed that your business qualifies, you can start your application here.

Applications due May 12.

frequently asked questions + fine print

Who can apply?

  • Businesses that own, manage, or lease space on the Glass Street commercial corridor and hold both City of Chattanooga and State of Tennessee business licenses.
  • Partnerships are encouraged. Multiple businesses may co-apply, but the lead applicant and individual business owner must be identified.

What are the requirements to receive funding?

  • In addition to the criteria outlined above, business owners must demonstrate a minimum of six months history of operating in the space. 
  • Proposed ideas must take place within the Glass Street commercial corridor before Dec 31, 2021
  • Grantees are required to participate in at least one community event, such as Glass Street LIVE or Bethlehem on Glass.
  • Prior to the deadline, applicants are welcome to contact GHC staff to review their application. Email to schedule an appointment.
  • If funding is awarded, applicants should be agreeable to signing a contract, attending the grantee orientation, and allowing Glass House Collective permission to use project photos for promotional publication.
  • Any local businesses, entities, artists, or organizations listed by name on applications should be aware that they are being listed and in what context.
  • Projects and programming must adhere to CDC, State of Tennessee, and City of Chattanooga guidelines regarding safety relating to the transmission of COVID-19.

What are examples of applications that would be eligible for funding?

  • An arts and cultural event or programming series including performances, festivals, markets, music, poetry, film and culinary experiences, etc. Check out inspiration here
  • An art installation or exhibition including a pop-up gallery, mural, parklet, tech/art installation, etc. Check out inspiration here.
  • There is an awesome opportunity to combine a festival feel with a coffee break.

What is the difference between a program, event, installation, and exhibition?

Don’t worry too much about the lingo! But for the purposes of this grant application, let’s stick to the following:

  • An exhibition is a temporary, curated experience of one or multiple artists’ works. 
  • An installation is a temporary or permanent design and install project.
  • An event is a one time happening or occurrence.
  • A program is a series of multiple events within the same overall theme.

What is not eligible for funding through this grant program?

  • General facade improvements including new windows, doors, lighting, and materials, etc.
  • General business operating costs, professional development, travel expenses, and fundraising events

What is the process for allocating funds?

The deadline to apply for funding is May 12th at midnight EST. The selection committee will review applications and determine finalists using a scoring system based on the outlined criteria. The selection committee is composed of the Glass House Collective Advisory Council, Glass House Collective staff, local artists, and neighborhood stakeholders. Applications that are selected for funding will be notified on June 10th. Applications will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the criteria requirements as outlined.

What amount should I apply for?

You can apply for any amount up to $5,000. Representatives from Glass House Collective are available to help create your budget and identify potential costs that may occur. Please note that any insurance fees should be included in the overall budget.

Can I pay myself to execute my idea?

Yes, a maximum of 20% of the overall budget may be used to compensate a project manager to execute the idea.

What is the timeframe for when my idea can take place?

Anytime before December 31, 2021

How will funds be distributed?

50% of the total grant award will be distributed via check after initial orientation and paperwork is finalized. The remaining 50% will be distributed upon submission of the final report and proper documentation.

What is Glass House Collective’s role?

GHC staff and Advisory Council are responsible for initial orientation, distributing funds, and promotional support. GHC is not responsible for coordinating projects or leading marketing efforts and outreach.

What is the grantee’s role?

  • The grantee is responsible for all planning, organizing, implementing, and executing their program or project in addition to providing a final report and proper documentation. This also includes acquiring any necessary permits and leading marketing efforts to advertise and promote.
  • Award recipients will be responsible for securing any necessary liability insurance.
  • Once the project has taken place, grantee should provide some documentation in the form of photos or video along with submitting a final report including metrics and final breakdown of budget. 
  • Grantees should consider tagging Glass House Collective (@GlasshouseLIVE) on social media in marketing and promotional efforts as a project sponsor. GHC will hold the rights to use images for promotional publications.

Which businesses are located on the Glass Street commercial corridor and might be interested in partnering?

List Businesses located along the corridor* or provide map here again*

How can I find local artists to work with on my application?

Chattanooga is full of talented local artists! 

Glass House Collective is here to help, call us at 423-402-0565 or email  A number of organizations work to support artists in our community including ArtsBuild, Public Art Chattanooga, The City of Chattanooga’s Office of Multicultural Affairs, SoundCorps, RISE, Keody Gallery, Pop-Up Project, and more! Check out their websites and social media pages for inspiration from local artists in our community.

I have lots of ideas! Can I apply for more than one project?

Sure! However, a business as the lead applicant is only eligible to receive funding for one of their applications.