Heard + Amplified

featuring erika roberts, ghc creative strategist

I welcome you here to this space of reflection. This is a safe space of sharing. I will be using my word to give volume to the people, things and “stuff” happening in the community and the city. 


The name of this series was confidently chosen to be “Heard +Amplified.” 

I feel that there is a great need to expound on the title and the meaning found within the plus sign.

Heard is the past tense form of the verb hear.  We listen for understanding and process the meanings. Technology has made it where we are seconds from hearing the newest in the world.

There are 24 hour news networks to keep us in the know.  Social media keeps up hearing and seeing the latest developments in the world.

BUT what are we to do with what we have heard? (I’m glad you asked).

Amplified is the past tense form of the word amplify.  To hear a profound 

message and NOT share it feels like an injustice. An amp is physically used to

boost or to make audibly more available in situations where hearing may be difficult.

These definitions and examples both play huge roles in the meaning and purpose of this series of thoughtful conversations.

I will be meeting with different people in the East Chattanooga community as well as within the city to just talk about their lives, community growth,  businesses, projects and how they have been pushing through during the pandemic as a new normal begins to shape the horizon. 

I will be writing my thoughts and reflections and sharing it with you twice a month for the next few months to close out 2020. 

I will use my own words, moments that I have experienced with each guest, my thoughts, profound lessons and poetry to embrace my guests’ presence and their story. 

I look forward to meeting with community members. I am excited to hear what they are currently working on.  I am proud to be able to amplify those things through this blog.

I look forward to sharing with you what I have heard, earnestly inviting you to AMPLIFY the message.