We are back… 2021 

What a start! 

Welcome back! 

The current state of our world has many of us seeking peace. We are craving calmer times. 

We are reminiscing and waxing very nostalgic over a simpler time. We want to hear and experience the rhythm and heartbeat of live music. We want to eat great meals at amazing restaurants. We want to meet up with our friends and family forsaking that blasted box and its mute function.  

I am convinced that this year is a time of connection and strength. Fortifying our personal relationships and extended support family will be paramount in how we will show up this year.  Understanding that we don’t have to do “all of the things will” be important. I believe that we will rely on those close to us that we hold dear. 

The Nigerian Igbo proverb, ‘Oran a azu nwa’ means “It takes a village to raise a child.” In many different cultures, this sentiment is a way of life.

I first heard this proven theory as a kid sitting in church. The preacher was my dad and he said it with such honesty and with such confidence. As I look back to that time I realize that he was speaking from experience. He grew up in a time where if a neighbor saw you acting up and being mischievous, they would say something to the kid and then tell their parents. I then began to think of those people in my parents’ lives that made up the village in mE and my brother’s life.  We had a full church family, neighbors, teachers, aunts and uncles all to keep us in line. They weren’t always successful in that big job. (Lol)  

What is a village? I mean yeah I guess we kind of know what it is but, after sitting down with Pastor JaMichael Jordan, I have a deeper understanding of what it means. I had the honor of sitting down with Pastor JaMichael Jordan in the sanctuary of The Village Church at 2800 North Chamberlain Avenue. This building is the historic Mount Canaan Baptist Church. The church has not been meeting due to well you know, Covid-19. He agreed to meet mE there to talk.

We took great precautions to have this talk and it was perfect. Pastor J, as he is fondly called, is a young minister with style and great swag. He is welcoming and understanding. Some ministers have a strong intimidating presence. That’s not even close to what I felt. I sensed his foundation in being a believer. He and I are both preacher’s kids. Yes, WE have both heard the rumors and it’s just fine. (Lol)  We met in conversation from that place in our youth. We agreed that we had church folk ready to snitch on us if we stepped out of line.

We talked about the role that the church has played in the past and how it continues in the future. The church has always represented the place we could go for information, for knowledge, and just fellowship. It is through the ministry that the village can be seen. In my very first Heard & Amplified Blog entry, I introduced you to Katherlyn Geter with Purpose Point Health Clinic. Its amazing facility is in partnership with the Village Church. They share the same building. 

The value of the village is only as strong as those that help build it and those that help support its existence. I asked Pastor Jordan why the name Village and his answer was profound. He explained that a village is self-contained. Within the village, all needs were met. We have a grocery store(Save A Lot), coffee shop (All Good Book & Coffee shop) health clinic; Purpose Point Health Clinic. 

The Black church has always been the center of life in communities. 

Pastor Jordan and I spoke about the purpose of the church as we face the future. It is clear that the church will be what it has always been. It is a symbol of strength and love. I

Pastor Jordan and I agreed that in the past the church was the center for news and activism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spoke first from the pulpit on the injustices against Black people. 

The Glass Farm Community was a thriving village back in its hay day and it is becoming that again with the deeds and works of many community partners.

We are here for ALL of that!

It’s one thing to talk about being a part of a village but it hits differently when you are actively working within it.  There is a responsibility that comes with that role. There has to be a true desire to serve. The Village Church is playing an important part in the community as well,  defining in their ministry the true meaning of working together for the greater good. 

These blogs are meant to highlight the diverse members, businesses, partners, and residents of the Glass Farm Community. The Village Church has been a cornerstone in the community for years. They opened up and offered free Covid testing, gave out food, and are ready to provide classes as soon as it is safe to meet. 

It was a great honor to sit and just talk with a young man with seasoned wisdom. 

If you want to learn more about The Village Church, I encourage you to follow them on social media.

Thank you again for spending time with mE as I wax a bit poetic about the amazing people in a community that I care about. 


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