The 2019 Glass Street Live planning process has shifted to an all volunteer and resident-led steering committee who are driving the decisions that are making this year’s block party amazing.

Each year at our annual block party, Glass Street LIVE, great effort is made to bring in new entertainment, new partners and new experiences that will make this community celebration unique and memorable year over year. 2019 is no exception as you can tell from our entertainment line up and exclusive premieres and interactive pop-ups.

What is also new this year that many won’t see is what is happening behind the scenes right now and in the months leading up to the big day. With the event planning process shifted to an all volunteer and resident-led steering committee, the Glass House Collective staff are proud to stay involved in an active and supportive role while the committee guides the vision on everything from marketing and logistics to volunteer recruitment and booking entertainment and activities.

Making residents the backbone of GSL starts the turn toward a structure of shared power and shared responsibility. It also creates opportunities for these emerging leaders and community organizers to get hands-on experience in the process of working collectively toward a shared goal. These same skills can be put to good use in so many other aspects of community mobilizing and organizing in the neighborhood throughout the year.

The 2019 Glass Street LIVE Steering Committees:

Marketing Committee – This committee helps secure media spots, gets the word out on social media and hands out event flyers. Gail McKeel, Joe Lautigar, Brandon McDonald

Entertainment Committee : This committee is responsible for securing all the musical acts for the day such as poets, dancers, rappers, musical acts, and DJ. Serving on this committee are: C-Grimey, Deborah Bledsoe, Image Noveick, Erika Roberts

Activities Committee: This committee is responsible for securing all the activities through out the day, especially the Kid’s Corner: Serving on this committee are: Larry Hines, Justine, Tina Stewart, Chip Brown, Audrey McClure, Lynesha Lake.

Logistics Committee: This committee is responsible for setting the event up and taking it back down. Street closures, what goes where and who does what. Serving on this committee are: Greg Alford, Jonathan Susman, Tara Poole

Volunteer Committee: This committee works to recruit and schedule all the event volunteers who will be working in different capacities on the day of the block party. Serving on this committee are: Alan Shropshire, Joyce Watson, Stephanie Hurt

Vendor Committee: This committee works to secure vendors in our market place include food vendors, pop ups and non profit booths. Serving on this committee are: Veronica Woods, Joyce Watson

“At large” Committee: Serving on this committee are: Glenda Welcher, Belinda, Darrell Martin, Carmen Davis, Reggie Campbell, David Raley, Rocksand Martin, Joel Tippins, Tinica Caperton, Janette Richie, Dr. Holmes, Carlos Hampton