Meet Glass House Collective’s Advisory Council

Things Just Got Real

We are so happy to introduce the new and inaugural cohort of the Glass House Collective Community Advisory Council for 2021. This is a great and passionate group of Glass Farm leaders and emerging community organizers from a cross-section of our neighborhood. From church leaders to business owners to resident activists, the Advisory Council has already hit the ground running holding their first meeting and giving input on several current projects.

Jamila Dunigan – Preschool Teacher, Glass Farm resident, and homeowner.  Jamila was one of the original members of Good Neighbor and loves working as a team to get things done. She brings tons of resources and relationships from within and outside of the community. The two neighborhood issues Jamila says she cares about are affordable housing & speeding.

Rosalyn Stewart-Kalaukoa – Physician liaison, Glass Farm business owner|operator. Rosalyn comes from a family of Glass Street entrepreneurs and is involved with the family business on the commercial corridor including All Good Coffee and Books and the vintage furniture store next door. She was a part of the team that produced the Drive-thru Nativity on Glass Street in December. Rosalyn says her outspokenness and organization skills make her an effective leader whose strength is communications and strategic planning. The issues Rosalyn would like to see addressed in our neighborhood are crime and helping existing homeowners.

Ricardo Noche – Glass Farm community organizer. Ricardo works with our partners at GreenSpaces working with Empower Chattanooga and B.I.G., and serving on the deportation defense team at Tennessee United. Ricardo will be also joining the economic mobility task force this year with CALEB.  Ricardo says his leadership style puts what is right before what is easy. He brings an understanding of people and open-mindedness to his work. The issues Ricardo wants to address are community resiliency and homeownership.

Audrey McClure –  Erlanger, Glass Farm resident, and homeowner. Audrey has been involved in her community for quite some time. She has worked alongside and within Glass House Collective, Good Neighbor, Glass Farm Block Leaders, and the old Glass Farm Neighbor Association. She says she loves serving and staying active as a neighborhood leader. Audrey is most concerned about safety and beautification in Glass Farm. 

JaMichael Jordan – Glass Farm Pastor. Pastor J has been involved in community work through his church ministry, numerous community service projects, and resource distribution in East Chattanooga. Pastor J says seeing injustice compels him to respond with his involvement whether that is through his teachings, mentoring, or public speaking. The issues that concern him the most are equity and family development. 

Deborah Bledsoe – Caregiver, Glass Farm resident, and homeowner.  Deborah is another long-time friend of the Collective and is a supporter of several local organizations. She is a compassionate leader and a people person who is always ready to help others. She brings a relaxed communication style and her gifts as a musician and gospel singer. Deborah’s priority issues for her neighborhood are beautification and safety.

Latoia Glatt, Esthetician, Glass Farm Business owner|operator.  LaToia is an active community volunteer whose business also gives back, especially when it comes to helping youth learn about important health and hygiene practices. Latoia says she wants what’s best for all people around her and as a leader does what needs to be done in order to help others survive and thrive. She brings a strong will and determination to get things done, as well as a spirit of creativity and spontaneity. The issues that concern her the most are beautification and being able to bring the community together as a whole.

Tina Stewart –  Glass Farm business owner. Tina is a longtime East Chattanooga entrepreneur who is continuing to build generational wealth while improving the Glass Street Commercial Corridor. Her Child Development Center has cared for countless neighborhood kids over the years whom Tina no doubt continues to motivate as they become young adults. She brings experience, enthusiasm and skills learned at the Leadership Academy to her advisory role. Tina’s issues in the community are focused on the children. 

The Advisory Council will provide input on Glass House Collective’s projects, lend knowledge for community initiatives, and participate in a training program to build neighborhood capacity. Participants will play an active role in decision-making for the future of the neighborhood, meeting
 to discuss GHC and community issues.

Members will be expected to participate in the following initiatives:

  • Glass Street Gateway Intersection Plan
  • Equitable Development Initiatives
  • Glass House Collective’s Comprehensive Report
  • Art Means Business Grant
  • Glass Street LIVE 2021

The Advisory Council members will also participate in a community organizing training program aimed at building power at the neighborhood level called “Sway: The People’s Guide to Community Organizing”. This program consists of eight guided sessions with both residents and artists through a curriculum developed by CALEB.