Monday was a busy day around Glass Street! To start with, friends and neighbors enjoyed a cozy breakfast hosted by the Archway kids with Michele Peterson in honor of Dr. King’s spirit of hospitality and vision for youth opportunity. Some of our neighbors and partners from the community were able to join included block leaders like Dr. Holmes, Ms. Janette, and Ms. Maria along with Daniel Gamble, Callie Burkhalter, and Maddie Bradford from Habitat, business owners John Kerns and Michael Rice were just some of the lovely faces mingling and chatting together.

archway breakfast
michele and michael
breakfast line
Two groups of McCallie students cleaned up litter along the Sherman Reservation access trail, Latta St., Wheeler Ave.,  Davenport St, and the area behind Sandy’s Mart, while Baylor students focused on trail duty clipping trees and plants and cleaning up trash along the National Parks trail leading up to the park before returning to GHC to enjoy their sack lunches.
Lee McWhirter was all smiles receiving some supportive help from Causeway volunteers along with AmeriCorps Habitat Neighborhood Revitalization staff member Jade Napier, so they could get his fence line cleared at a more relaxed pace.
Our community pocket park received love and attention from a group of Blue Cross Blue shield volunteers cleared and raked up all of the dead flowers and brush before heading over to Studio Everything where Rondell hosted Public Art Chattanooga’s crew in support of the Wilcox Tunnel Mural project– created as a paint-by-numbers.
IMG_1078 IMG_1621 IMG_1624
Thank you to everyone who came out to serve in this special corner of our city! We’re here because we love it here, and were happy to see  your bright faces and busy hands helping put that love into action.