Rather than waiting around for an official skate park site, our friends go the pop-up route! Kim Krause and her boyfriend, Westin Dawson connected with Jared Munson, pastor at Community of Christ for permission to use the church’s side lot on Wednesday evening, May 24 to demo skateboarding skills to 15 local youth. After showing the basics, Westin handed over his board for a few kids to take turns practicing kicks, flips, and ollies.


“Part of the skating experience is getting used to how it feels to fall down, and get back up,” Kim says. “With the support of the group, it’s less intimidating.”

demo kick

Jaden Melvin, a student from Magic Markers, was unable to attend the pop-up Skateboarding 101 event, but she connects with Kim regularly, asking for a skate park in the area. Kim and Westin are encouraged by the presence of girls like Jaden with an interest in skating.

genesis skate

Local poet, Genesis the Greykid was on hand after working with the Magic Markers youth, and brought his own skating skills to the hangout, enjoying time with the Glass Street kids.