Postcard Project at Startup Week Chattanooga

Glass House Collective  partnered with the Neighborhood Postcard Project to start a Postcard Project here in Chattanooga. This will connect Chattanoogans with East Chattanooga neighborhoods.

With support from Society of Work, we started by asking participants during Startup Week Chattanooga to help decorate postcards and provide random addresses to people living in downtown, North Chattanooga, Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, etc.


The next step will include East Chattanooga residents writing their favorite things about living and working in their neighborhood.  Once completed, these postcards will be sent all over Chattanooga informing the recipients about what East Chattanooga residents love about their neighborhood.


Keep a lookout for a postcard in the mail and share with your friends and family the positive stories coming from East Chattanooga.

A special thanks to Elenor Angel and Rebekah Angel Rapp of Ten Bartram for providing music for the event!  For more information about this charming duo please visit

IMG_0138Read the article, here.

View the full Neighborhood Postcard Project website, here.


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