How can an abandoned alleyway bring business owners and residents together?

Re-imagine and re-invent the space. Glass House Collective worked with New Covenant Pure Holiness Church of Glass Street and Market3D to clean-up, paint, and landscape the alleyway behind the Glass Street corridor.

Behind the row of buildings on Glass Street appeared to be an alley way welcoming dumping and fast drivers.  New Covenant Pure Holiness Church came to Glass House interested in helping slow down traffic and beautifing the alleyway.With the help of business owners, pastors, volunteers, and residents we removed all trash, striped rear facades, added a fresh coat of paint, removed graffiti, and added minimal landscaping. Since this clean up, we’ve had numerous volunteer days on the site and continued support from our neighbors to keep the alley way clean.

Market 3D, a 3D visualization and landscape design firm, provided design services and coordinated the work day. Glass House Collective provided supplies and New Covenant Pure Holiness Church helped enlist volunteers for the work day.


20 volunteers
2 activated light poles
11 graffiti tags painted over
8 trips to the dump
1 replacement of a business’s back door
2 dump trucks full of brush