City Share

What if community building was an open-source process? City Share is an ongoing speaker series that brings talent from around the world to Glass House Collective via video chat. The conversation-based event focuses on sharing creative solutions to community challenges and is now in its fourth year. Glass House Collective has actively organized and hosted the following events:

featuring Craig Cuccia and Pamela Broom
June 20, 2012
Reconcile New Orleans (RNO) is a community group dedicated to addressing the generational issues of poverty, violence and neglect throughout New Orleans. Cuccia and Broom discussed the history of their organization as well as some of the major obstacles they face on a daily basis. As a program that combats longstanding and widely prevalent issues, RNO has the potential to change the way neighborhoods grow, generation to generation, around the country.

featuring Trinidad Ruiz
May 9, 2012
As the program director for the Watts House Project (WHP) in Los Angeles, Ruiz has deep experience using art and architecture as economic drivers for neighborhood redevelopment. WHP is driven by the vision of local families, artists, and architects who work collaboratively to reimagine the Watts Tower neighborhood through housing renovations and community activism. By partnering with existing city-wide resources, WHP has been able to meet the needs of families, reduce the neighborhood’s ecological footprint, maintain the operating costs of area properties and attract reinvestment.

featuring Matt Tomasula
March 28, 2012
As the founder of CityFabric, Tomasula shared the power that a simple, map-based family of products had in engaging residents of Raleigh, NC. Further, his Walk Raleigh project included self-installed wayfinding systems that brought walkability in the city to the fore. Tomasula’s work has earned national acclaim and has been replicated in cities around the country—including Chattanooga.

featuring Steven Casey
February 22, 2012
Serving as the President of the Board for Fresh Moves out of Chicago, IL, Casey described how the organization delivers affordable, healthy food to communities facing significant health issues through a mobile produce market. This conversation helped solidified support for a similar program in Chattanooga- The Mobile Market.