How Does a Mural Symbolize the Achievements and Future of an Entire Community?



The artist Seven is known city-wide for his murals, especially in the downtown and east Chattanooga areas. As part of his residency in 2014, he completed a number of murals, including “Flying Over the Rails” on the side of the GHC former headquarters.


The mural is one of many that beautify the neighborhood. This one, in particular, holds a special meaning for the community with its symbolism of how the area has grown.


After receiving permission from the building owner, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a hydraulic lift was graciously donated for a week of use from HERTZ Equipment rental, and volunteers Timothy Moore and Dequan Smith helped operate it and prepare the wall for the mural. The painting was a two-week progress, and still adorns the former GHC headquarters for passersby’s to admire.


Although the mural is open to interpretation, the core of the work is the Glass Street community and their ability to break through the barriers of a society that is inherently unequal.


Eric “Seven” Finley

HERTZ Equipment Rental