The Glass Street Brand

So how do we talk about Glass Street? The words we use about the neighborhood, and how we use them, matter.By talking about Glass Street in certain ways – using the same language – we can help shape how people think about the area, for the better. By uniting our many voices, we can show the world we’re proud of where we live.

Ultimately, we’ll accomplish our goal if we share our story and our mission with the community. We can do this by using anything that identifies us as Glass Street:

 Our logo. Our tagline. Our key phrases.

A team of artists and writers from in and around the Glass Street community conducted more than two dozen one-on-one interviews and eight community visioning meetings. The input and ideas gathered through this process were a basis for a unique brand identity for the Glass Street community. The brand has been brought to life through the installation of 16 storefront banners, 100s of t-shirts, stickers, buttons, community space signage, two murals welcoming people to the street, and the Glass Farm Neighborhood Association’s facebook page.

Poster Design 1
Poster Design 2
Stencil Design

1 resident-designed logo
16 branded banners installed on storefronts along the street
2 gateway murals and a community space sign emphasizing the brand
1 new resident-launched facebook page for the neighborhood
250 How-to Guides printed