How do you create a temporary totem to a community’s enduring experiences and inspiration?


As part of the Planning By Doing Workshop, our Homebase Team saw a need to create an art installation along the Glass Street Gateway that would be a reflection of the community. The art piece would need to play a functional role in encouraging foot traffic and beautifying the street, as well as an important engagement role in bringing neighbors together.


Create an art installation that plays back reflections and quotes from community members, inviting visitors to linger, read, gather and connect.


Volunteers, artists, and community members came together to build a temporary portal featuring quotes, poems and reflections from neighbors. This interactive sculpture is an invitation to engage with the community and literally enter the new community space mindful of its history and people. Initially installed near other Crutchfield activations, including our asphalt art project, the portal is a celebration of creativity and community togetherness.


  • Create an art piece that reflects Glass Street as it is — and as it could be
  • Create a gathering place where neighbors share their stories
  • Encourage reflection and sharing between neighbors


Frances McDonald

Matt Lyle

Dylan Fuller

Josiah Golson

Juanita Montgomery 

Jamila “Mi-Mi” Dunigan

JaMichael Jordan, Sr. 

Lindsey Wilke