Safe Route Walk of Fame

How do you make accessing a vital community center safer for kids and adults alike?


The area’s Youth and Family Development (YFD) center is an important homebase for social services and a gathering place for Glass Street residents, particularly for local children who visit after school for sports, play and study time. But the YFD’s location near a major thoroughfare made walking to and from the center a constant negotiation between vehicles and pedestrians.


Over the course of the Planning By Doing Workshops, the Safe Routes Team identified a need to encourage use of the sidewalk in front of the YFD. The hope was that a creative intervention could make the building’s entrance more appealing and welcoming, while also keeping pedestrians safe.


The YFD Safe Routes Team envisioned a Walk of Fame, located on the sidewalk from Crutchfield to Daisy in proximity to the YFD. This installation was created in partnership with local artist 2$on — himself a regular at the YFD growing up — and includes a stenciled pattern and spray painted stars mentioning local community heroes, and an outdoor art gallery highlighting pieces by local kids from the nearby Hardy Elementary.


  • Encourage use of sidewalk near YFD, especially by children
  • Honor locals through a Walk of Fame
  • Beautify the street using art from local students
  • Provide an opportunity for local youth to participate in art installation


Sarah Page

Jenison Owens 

Kourtney (aka Tu$on)

Audrey McClure

Mary Barnett

Reach One Teach One

Hardy Elementary