Public Visioning Session

Parents, teachers and community partners are invited to join the Orchard Knob Elementary Community PTA for a public visioning session on Thursday, February 22nd at 5:30 PM to help plan future streetscaping for the corner of Dodson & Glass Streets. We’ll meet together at Orchard Knob Elementary School to seek input from anyone who lives, works or volunteers in the area. This is a community event and everyone is invited, so please spread the word to your friends, neighbors and neighborhood association leaders. Children are welcome, and food will be served for those participating in the visioning session.glassstreetlive-55

Glass House Collective surveyed neighbors back in 2014 and cleaner, safer, and more inviting were the top 3 adjectives that kept coming up. We had neighbors who were handicapped and elderly, but the roads were not ADA handicap accessible. We have tons of youth who couldn’t walk on the sidewalk together because it was so narrow, cars were driving fast and not slowing down. These were concerns to neighbors so they became concerns for us.

We received community input on how, where, and what should be designed at the corner of North Chamberlain and Glass Street.  ADA handicap accessible sidewalks, streetlights, curb bump outs, traffic calming trees were all installed based on the design the neighbors put in. We want to do the same down at the corner of Dodson and Glass Street.


What should the intersection look like? We have neighborhood run businesses like Ms. Tee’s BBQ and Soul Food and JJ’s Lounge, and a couple others, but the streetscpaing isn’t set up for them to receive the maximum amount of customers. The corner of Dodson Ave. and Glass St. sits on the Glass Farm, Avondale and Boyce Station marker, and we hope everybody can enjoy this area.

We need neighbors input on what should go there and how it should be designed. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday.


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