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We’re pleased to share another example of enthusiastic press coverage of Glass House Collective’s work. Last December, Adam Beckett wrote a highly complementary article in the Arts section of The Pulse, Chattanooga’s long-running Weekly Alternative magazine. The article ran just a few weeks after our annual Glass Street LIVE event, and the amount of work that goes into such events made a lasting impression. Beckett’s perspective on the importance and timeliness of Glass House Collective’s work rings clear throughout his article, and it was affirming to have the hard work of so many partners, board members, and volunteers recognized and praised publicly in the press.

Reaching back across GHC’s six-year span of work instigating various projects around Glass Street, Beckett writes about the effectiveness of celebrating historic, cultural, and artistic assets as a way to inspire confidence and pride of place.

“Pop-Up Projects generated quite the buzz where exhibits were formed to further solidify the growth of the artistic community, as well as demonstrate the rich history, and flourishing transformation that is currently engulfing Glass Street.”

Read Beckett’s full article by clicking the image link below.

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