Streetscape Work on Dodson & Glass

This past spring and winter residents from Glass Farm hosted a series of community dinners in their homes to have small group discussions about improvements needed at the intersection of Dodson Avenue and Glass Street.

This is an active and shared space and residents wanted to be sure their voices and ideas were heard in the planning process for any future development of the intersection.

The idea of sharing ideas while sharing a meal in someone’s home was so simple and profoundly productive, that many on the organizing committee think it was an -a-ha moment of sorts for gathering meaningful input from many of us who are not as comfortable with some of the larger public meetings. Nicole Lewis, Community Relations Manager for Glass House Collective, feels confident that this is input that would otherwise have never been heard or considered.

After hosting two dinners per week over the course of two months, results of the input were combined with input gained at larger public events. Common themes of safety, new uses for existing buildings, and new uses for a vibrant public space were included in the recommendations and analysis given to architect, David Barlew.

Barlew made technical drawings from the analysis and those are now being reviewed, along with estimated costs, by CDOT.

If all goes according to plan, a showcase of proposed ideas will be ready to see at Glass Street Live on Saturday, November 3. This will give everyone a real “tour” of any proposed permanent changes and a chance to voice opinions (oh, and just another reason to attend Glass Street LIVE!).

There are several steps in front of us, but if this streetscaping project is executed in 2019 you can be sure that our arts-centered activation squad will be turning things up at the corners of Dodson & Glass. Stay tuned for news announcing 2019 stipend opportunities for local artists and neighbors to create temporary projects together!

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