Welcome back! It has been a while since our last meet-up over words. I am honored by your presence. 


This blog isn’t like the others where I sat down and interviewed a key collaborator from the Glass Farm community. This entry is more of an introduction to some work in the Glass Farm community. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a diverse group of people with the same intensity for social change.  

so, loyal readers & good trouble makers, I would like to introduce you to sway: the people’s guide to community organizing 2021 cohort.

 They all made a selfless commitment to meet for 8 weeks and check into the hard conversations. 

There are 13 souls working hard as we meet up every 2 weeks virtual and in person. 

The makeup of the group is just as amazing as the topics that we dive into & talk about. 

The group ranges from a pastor to a burlesque dancer.  Out of the 13 in the group, there are several artists. 

 There are poets, musicians, rappers, painters, visual artists, and a dancer. 

Why art? 

Art is the perfect vehicle for messages. 

We have had 3 sessions ALREADY!! The latest was on Teams and Leaders. We spoke on public and private relationships and their uses. We did deep dives into power and that struggle. 

Michael Gilliand is the main facilitator while I maintain the role of art facilitator for each session. 

This cohort will have guests facilitating from a C.A.L.E.B member (Allen Shropshire) as well from a past SWAY (Courtenay Cholovich) cohort. 

The space that we share is safe. It must be open & vulnerable. We welcome organic tension. We recognize that through tension social change can happen. So we welcome the fair and respectful pushback. 

“This is meant to be a safe, yet challenging environment.” 

This was taken from the 1st page of the SWAY book.

There are so many ways that these lessons can be used. They can be applied to life, relationships, and of course in communities. I asked the cohort to share how they will use these valuable lessons.

This is what they shared. 

But we must set the fire

No tocks when you’re taxed

Seasons of togetherness 

Grows this residential unity

Being still yet moving toward 

artistic freedom

The Collective is here to ask the questions

and brave those conversations. 

The village is clear

Rising up to heal


I am so thankful for this opportunity to work with such a promising group of perfect agitators. They have hearts and they have a voice! 

The only trouble I want to be in is some good trouble. 

Thank you again for meeting my thoughts and words here. It is an honor. 

Sometime this weekend, slide to your favorite music spot and play the Marvin Gaye album “What’s Going On” and plot out some community work. 


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