Glass House Collective

Glass Street

Placemaking on Glass Street

posted on 02.23.2016

Glass House Collective’s artist-led, community driven movement that is transforming Glass Street is showcased in Mallory Baches’ white paper

A MLK Day Reflection

posted on 02.09.2016

The National Park Service’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day service project brought with it many reasons to stop and reflect on the current state of Chattanooga’s race relations.

Job Opportunity for Young Adults (18-25) and Teens (16-18)

posted on 02.09.2016

This Spring, thanks to a generous grant from the Sierra Club, the Southeast Conservation Corps will be constructing a new walking trail

The Kings and Queens of East Chattanooga

posted on 12.30.2015

Did you see the December 2nd cover story of The Pulse? 

A How To Guide

posted on 12.30.2015

How do you bring a place back to life?  That is the topic of Glass House Collective’s new “How To Guide”