Thirsty Brush Fall Break Art Camp

During Fall break, The Thirsty Brush facilitated a free Art Camp for children ages 6-14 on Glass Street. Throughout the Art Camp the children created a self portrait collage, 2 acrylic paintings on canvas, paper mache mobiles, flower pots, and friendship bracelets.

At the end of the camp, the youth presented their work to the neighborhood through a gallery walk where friends and family enjoyed viewing the compilation of pieces created by the talented new artists.


Near the end of the camp, the participants were asked to explain what they learned about art by participating in the one week camp.  Enjoy their insights below!

Korbin – 7th grade“The best type of artist is the messiest.”


Kadesha – 2nd grade
“Coming to art camp is fun and it gives you an opportunity to feel how you do your own art.”


Veronica – 5th grade
“I think Art Camp is all about teaching you that you are a good artist instead of telling you you can’t paint.  You can just do it! And I think all the kids that are painting are doing a good job.”


Yeshua – 7th grade
“I think the Art Camp is fun and informational.  It proves that you are not a bad artist.  At first I didn’t htink I was good, but once I got into the project I advanced.”



Bravery – 5th Grade“Art Camp is entertaining.  It’s a fun way to learn art because you get to do cool things here.”


Javier – 1st grade
“Art is fun, it’s cool, that’s it!”


Thank you Thirsty Brush for providing kids on Glass Street an opportunity to enjoy art over Fall Break!


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