Tree Planting along Dodson Ave and Glass Street

East Chattanooga Residents lead Tree Planting Project on November 21st, 2015. The Dodson Avenue and Glass Street intersection received a new look on Saturday, November 21st with the addition of 14 trees. Three East Chattanooga residents involved in the Good Neighbor Network, a neighbor-led organization under Glass House Collective, led the project in partnership with The City of Chattanooga’s Public Works.

Since 2012, Glass House Collective has focused on revitalization efforts along Glass Street. Their Phase I footprint included the North Chamberlain and Glass Street intersection. Beginning in 2016, the non-profit is working to expand their footprint to the Dodson and Glass Street intersection.

“Glass Street has seen tremendous improvement in our footprint. We now have street trees and lights, new sidewalks, buildings under construction, storefronts improved. We hope to continue that momentum along the street. We were advised to ‘bookend’ the commercial corridor in our next phase and that’s what we are working towards. The tree planting project was our first completed project within that footprint,”said Glass House Collective’s Executive Director, Teal Thibaud.

This is just the first of many projects identified in the organization’s recently published step-by-step ‘How To Guide’. The guide is filled with 10 ‘lighter, quicker, and cheaper’ ideas to help make Glass Street cleaner, safer, and more inviting. An artist and resident team will lead each project.  “I’ve been here for thirty years. It’s getting a lot nicer around the neighborhood. I passed out flyers, called for quotes for the trees, and headed up the volunteers. Getting involved keeps me busy and I enjoy getting my hands dirty and working to better my community,” said Glenda Welcher.


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