It all started on
Glass Street

For over a decade, Glass House Collective worked in this historic but often forgotten part of Chattanooga to renew, support and celebrate life. The goal was to jumpstart positive change across East Chattanooga and add to the vibrancy of our city as a whole, together with a community of activists, businesses, creators, doers, dreamers, and donors.

Thank you to everyone who supported our mission.

There’s still work to do.

We didn’t start this work, but we were proud to champion it for a season. And just as all things must evolve, today, the work of Glass House Collective lives with the neighbors who know this area best.

Learn more about our work.

This site is an archive of the work we did—please look around, read, and discover what Glass House Collective was all about. For a full overview of our past projects, download our 10 Year Report, which wraps up a decade of lessons, learnings, and case studies in one place.

I believes things can improve when more people in the neighborhood are involved in what goes on in their neighborhood and choose to get involved in shaping what’s coming next.

I take pride in my neighborhood and just would like for us to become one big family.

I’m so proud of the amount of effort people are putting in the community to make it great.

Everyone knows everyone and everyone watches out for each other here.

I want to continue growing with my neighborhood and stay involved in projects

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