Glass House Collective


Glass House Collective is…

Glass House Collective (GHC) was founded in 2012 to “bring life back to Glass Street and Glass Street back to life” through artist-led and community involved projects.  GHC’s work recognizes and celebrates the distinctiveness of Glass Street’s people, place and culture with the goal to inspire, support and ignite the spark that will bring about positive community change. Glass House Collective works together with residents and partners to make Glass Street and the surrounding community cleaner, safer, and more inviting.

Entrepreneurial and Beta-minded, we gather diverse teams of talent to help revitalize historic Glass Street in East Chattanooga. We see our work through three lenses, that help us prepare for impact: Creative Placemaking projects and programs that help artists and entrepreneurs capture and shape the flavor of the neighborhood; Feet on the Streets getting people out of their cars and into transforming experiences – through creative public events; New Partnerships Using creativity as a resource for renewal to bring people together – those who have never been here before, as well as those who have lived and worked here for years.


Teal Thibaud

Executive Director

As one of the three original founders of Glass House Collective, Teal is a native of Chattanooga and enjoys yoga, meeting new people, and the outdoors. Previously, Teal was Director of Marketing and Outreach for Glass House Collective before she stepped in the role of Executive Director. She is passionate about connecting people, proving good design makes a difference, and creating lasting relationships with our neighbors.


Tara Poole

Director of Operations

Tara Poole is the Director of Development & Operations at Glass House Collective. She manages grants and donations for the organization, assists with financial issues, and works to streamline systems and procedures. After spending several years overseas teaching English, Tara returned to Tennessee to pursue her Masters in Business Administration. She worked as a nonprofit consultant before joining GHC and is especially interested in the economic side of community development. Tara enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two little girls, especially in the outdoors.


Nicole Lewis

Community Relations Manager

Nicole Nikki Lewis has been serving Glass Street since 2016, and now serves as Community Relations Manager for Glass House Collective. She has a background in corporate logistics, but feels a strong sense of commitment to connecting residents with resources, serving as a liaison between partners with residents, supporting and mentoring the neighborhood’s young residents, and modeling a sense of openness to new experiences particularly when it comes to the great outdoors.


Rondell Crier

Artist and Friend

Rondell moved to Chattanooga from his hometown New Orleans after hurricane Katrina in 2005. He has an extensive background in creative management, artistic production, and community arts. Rondell is the owner and director of Studio Everything, a work space located on Glass Street. He is an alumni member and former Creative Director of YAYA Inc, a youth arts empowerment organization in New Orleans (over 20 years combined), and continues to develop his creativity and community engagement here in Chattanooga.


Team & Board Members


Teal Thibaud, Founder & Director

Tara Poole, Director of Operations

Nicole Nikki Lewis, Community Coordinator  

Buck Gentry, CFO

Jamie Barbeauld, Bookkeeping                                                                                             

Board Members:

Monty Bruell, Board Chair

Katherine Currin

Vanessa Jackson

Carlos Hampton

Kevin Smith

Jared Hueter

Annette Allen

Catherine Colby

Logan Threadgill

Advisory Board:

Andrew Kean

Dede DuBose

Ivan Patten

Dell Peoples

Stuart Gains