Creating Opportunity For East Chattanooga

“With the right investment, the positive and inclusive growth that has been demonstrated in East Chattanooga can be accelerated and shared across the country as an example of a bright new future for so many sites that share the Tubman site’s past.”  

The Greater Chattanooga Economic Partnership (GCEP) is a public-private, regional economic development partnership representing a 16-county region in Northeast Alabama, Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee.

Glass House Collective partnered with green|spaces to create a newly created marketing brochure for the site in hopes that our partners distribute this piece to their contacts and we all work to get the word out about this incredible opportunity here in East Chattanooga.

What is communicated to any tentative development partner now is important to every single one of us, especially in the early stages of recruiting appropriate developers. Other resident-led priorities listed in the brochure include opportunities for employment and professional growth for people who live nearby; opportunities that contribute to the success of the surrounding neighborhoods, and partnerships that work with residents on a shared vision.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency’s Area 3 Plan, which includes the Tubman Site, and which will provide guidance for new growth, redevelopment, and preservation within East Chattanooga, is also listed as a guidepost.

“…resident-led groups that are ready to partner with developers to help realize a shared vision for the site, ideally offering both strong opportunities for employment and professional growth as well as opportunities for residential and other assets that will contribute to the success of the development and surrounding neighborhoods.”  from  brochure for the Tubman Site 

Read it yourself. Please follow the link to a PDF of the GCEP Brochure here.

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