Download our how-to guide for community fundraising.

The Art Anywhere How-To Guide includes tips and templates to get you started fast!

Earlier this year what seems like a lifetime ago Glass House Collective partnered up for a community fundraiser to benefit the students at Hardy Elementary School. As a result of a successful 10-day campaign, 500 Art Anywhere Kits were purchased and distributed to every single student at Hardy in the middle of May so everyone could continue making art at home with their families this summer. 

We are now launching our how-to kit to share our fundraiser’s template for success with anyone who feels a similar urgency to partner up in their community right now to quickly raise money for an identified need or rising cause. 

Our kit could be used as a family activity around conversations of equity and social justice. This kit could be deployed by a group of citizens who want to donate money to a cause by asking family, friends, and social media networks to pitch in. Our free downloadable how-to kit was created using our light-hearted and fun social media fundraiser for children’s art supplies as the brand, the ideas inside the kit can easily be adapted for any need or tone. Feel free!