Heard & Amplified Week 2 Featuring Deborah Bledsoe

The Art of Music

In my journey with GHC as a Creative Strategist, I get to meet, know and in some cases, I get to collaborate with people in the community. That’s the best part of my job. It’s even more amazing when the community member is a Creative as well. I light up with excitement.

The Rhythm of Life by Erika Roberts

I had the humbled honor of sitting down with Glass Farm Resident and local singer Deborah Bledsoe. She and her husband, also a musician, are members of the band “2 Deep Within.” I sat down with Mrs. Deborah at the All-Good Coffee and Used Bookstore located on Glass Street IN the Glass Farm community. 

I MUST pause for a moment to explain and describe the spot I chose to interview Mrs. Bledsoe.

Picture this: 

All Good Coffee and Used Books

Have you ever seen an alluring space of knowledge?

Have you ever seen a dope coffee shop in a tv show and wanted that same vibe?  

I have felt and wanted this and then BOOM!!!  I experienced it in All-Good Coffee and Used Bookstore. This is Black-owned by a family resident. It is managed and curated by Kahla Stewart who is an amazing Creative herself. 

I sat down with Mrs. Deborah near a street window surrounded by books and art as Etta James plays in the close distance. I don’t know about you fine folks but when there are books, art, food, coffee, and music in the space nothing but great conversation can happen.  

Erika and Deborah in conversation

I met her over a year ago during the planning and creating of SWAY: The People’s Guide to Community Organizing. I didn’t realize that I knew some of her family until then as well. I saw her band perform in Gospel on Glass street.  She has a soulful voice filled with strength and knowledge.

I asked Deborah about her early life and she told mE that it was filled with lessons. 

She lived a hard life that has taught her over the years how to appreciate all things.

She reminisces of times past when she was young.  She smiled in a nostalgic manner as she talked about her childhood. She loved singing and writing.  She and her 6 friends pretend to be the famous all-girl group “The Supremes”.  She smiled with such fondness for a carefree time. She knew back then that music and fashion would play huge roles in her life and she was content with that.  

She uses her voice to bring people together.  She and her husband have a very talented band named “2 Deep Within.”  She married into a singing family and spoke of how enriching it was to be able to communicate using music.

When I darted out into the street of conversation, I said “Do you consider yourself a Creator?  She without pause or question said, “Yes I am.”  She has created some inventions over the years. She hasn’t had them patented but that is creating with a purpose. She is also a talented seamstress. She is an amazing writer.  

I have had the pleasure of creating and performing with her and the band in 2019’s Glass Street Live. Her band played behind myself and 4 other local spoken word artists. It was a spiritual moment.  The music, the singing voices, and our poetry.

So very powerful!

Mrs. Deborah was a very important part of the entertainment committee for Glass Street Live 2019.  

I also had the inspiring opportunity to write for a documentary film  “Rhythm of Life” that highlighted Glass Farm residents and how their lives changed during the early months of the pandemic.  The Bledsoes are featured in the video with the words that I wrote.

Mrs. Deborah says that she enjoys being a part of the community working with GHC. She wants to see the community grow closer and become more involved in the building up of the neighborhoods. 

We have our work cut out for us and we are ready.  It is so refreshing to have community members that want to get involved and that don’t mind the hard work. 

Thank you again for returning to read my thoughts as I hear those in the community and amplify their message. 

Till next time….

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