Neighbor Spotlight

We had the pleasure to sit down with our Taylor Street neighbor, Fanetta McCain, to learn more about her story.

What brought you to the Glass Farm Neighborhood?

FM: I was a part of the Habitat For Humanity new build program. I had a lot of choices between the Southside and over here in East Chattanooga. The people that were in the program with me soon became family and we wanted to be each other’s neighbors. Thankfully, we had that option over here in Glass Farm.

What do you hope to accomplish living in Glass Farm?

FM: I want to continue growing with my neighborhood and stay involved in projects. Maybe one day I’ll be knocking on doors asking people to come to our monthly Good Neighbor Network meeting. I am thankful for opportunities like cleaning the Glass House Collective space under my franchise company. I hope to always be informed so I can inform my neighbors.

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