Asphalt Art Mural

How do you create a gathering space for the public, before the public space for it exists?


For years, Glass Street residents have had limited access to a grocery store. But when a new Save A Lot opened in the spring of 2021, this new community anchor became a point of pride — and a potential hub for community gatherings.


During the Planning By Doing Workshops, our Gathering Spaces Team identified an opportunity to emphasize the new Save A Lot’s impact. The team wanted to symbolize the stores’ ability to gather locals and promote engagement. But with limited seating areas nearby, it seemed like creating a sense of place near the new store would require some creative solutions.


With the store being a new anchor for the community, the team focused on creating a temporary space that would invite people in and feature models for safety, seating, lighting, beautification and art. The team created a boardwalk and recruited volunteers to sand spools from our partners at EPB and make them into tables for gathering. 

New shade umbrellas were installed, as well as planters that help beautify the area. And at the center of the project is an art installation with large wooden letters that spell LOVE and have built-in seating for individuals or groups. The space is designed to invite the entire community in, but particularly families and kids. 

Located just outside the Save A Lot, the temporary installation was unveiled at the store’s grand opening alongside the Crutchfield Asphalt Art mural. While the installation is temporary, organizers hope to assess the community’s interest in a more permanent installation in the future and use learnings from this process to inform the design of that piece. 

In the coming months, our team, led by artist and activist Erika Roberts, will also animate the space with community events and music.


  • Create family-friendly gathering spaces near the new grocery store
  • Invite neighbors and volunteers to create a pop-up installation


Veronica Park

Marcus Ellsworth

Petra Moraczewski

Jordan Scruggs

Deborah Bledsoe

Michael Barille

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Kahla Stewart

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Glass House Collective


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