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Can a museum live, breathe and bring people together? The Pop Up Living History Museum was an experiment in doing just that. Housed in Glass House Collective’s headquarters and inspired by the neighborhood surrounding, the project focused on storytelling and showcase as means to honor a rich history. As part of the project, the community began developing a collective vision for the future of Glass Street. Local designers Matt Adams and Nick Turner partnered with the Historic Glass Farms Neighborhood Association and the Battery Heights Neighborhood Association to collect stories and photographs from the community. From there, Adams and Turner used this material to produce a series of large-scale video projects highlighting the historic significance of the buildings on the street. Elizabeth Wells and Fancy Rhino, a local film production company, captured individuals sharing memories of the neighborhood sparked by the installation.

Over 200 people attended

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Fancy Rhino
Matt Adams
Nick Turner
Elizabeth Wells
Glass Farms Neighborhood Association
Battery Heights Neighborhood Association