Glass House Collective

Glass Street

Glass Street on Main Street!

posted on 12.09.2016

We were honored and excited when Jennifer Crutchfield invited youth from Glass Street to participate in this year’s Mainx24 parade

Bold Art”Sign”Language: 2$ON & Charlie

posted on 11.29.2016

Last Wednesday, as many of us tuned in to watch Usher’s TNT special about his visit to Chattanooga, we witnessed the power of

September Overflow at GHC!

posted on 10.13.2016

There are months when our regular pace get’s a caffeine boost of energy and off we go! This September our glass was filled to the

Gearing up for Glass Street Live!

posted on 08.29.2016

Giant puppets manned by neighbors and friends parading up the street, 100 years of National Parks celebrated in our

Magic Markers Film Training

posted on 08.15.2016

The room was packed with friends and neighbors curious to witness what the hive of filming and singing and editing bustle has finally produced, and nobody was more excited than