Through Glass: Meet The Team

Residents surprise film creators with a special award

This could be the ICYMI (in case you missed it) moment of the summer. Did you tune in to the live Through Glass: Meet The Team Q&A featuring a conversation with the artists who created the Through Glass and Rhythm of Life pandemic documentary projects?

In late July, Glass Farm resident, Audrey McClure, facilitated a live discussion with the 4 artists who collaborated on a unique and powerful socially distant creative endeavor with the residents of Glass Farm. That project, which premiered to the neighbors in early July, now has its own website,, and, has just received its first award which was recently featured on News Ch 9.

In spite of that little award-winning spoiler alert, the entire conversation is a really fun listen. Whether you’re an artist, community member, activist, or just someone looking for ways to safely reconnect with your own community,  the 50-minute discussion between the collaborators is as uplifting as the art they created together. 

Listen in as these talented multidisciplinary Chattanooga artists talk about working together for the first time, and remotely. Sound designer, Summer Dregs, shares how he was able to hear the rhythms in the backgrounds of the interviews to create a soundtrack from the found sounds in Glass Farm. Erika recalls her process of writing to Reed’s Pandemic Portrait images but then leaving space for the true rhythms of words and beats to merge when she recorded her voice track for Rhythm Of Life. Videographer Davy Granbery and director Reed Schick talk about what it meant coming into the neighborhood as strangers during a pandemic but able to ask neighbors to openly share their thoughts, hopes, and fears at the moment.

The moment when Glass Farm resident and host of this Meet The Artist Q&A, Audrey McClure, presented the Through Glass creative team with their first award!

And of course, the moment when Audrey really shares how she feels about the entire project is a moment we will never forget. We agree, Miss Audrey, what has been created represents the heart of the community!

“This is something that we can keep for a lifetime, from this time of ‘what were you doing during the pandemic,’ Audrey told the artists and audience. She was excited that this new neighborhood time capsule lives online and is something that everyone anywhere can experience, see Glass Farm, and show their kids and grandkids for years to come. 

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