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Glass Street 3D

How can 3D models change the way people see a neighborhood? Glass House had the opportunity to find out by partnering with artist Wes Mohney,

Glass Street 3D for the AIA Conference

In preparation for AIA’s Urban Design Workshop on Glass Street later this month, Glass House Collective commissioned local entrepreneur Wes Mohney to create 3D models of the buildings on Glass Street. 

City Share

CITY SHARE SPEAKER SERIES What if community building was an open-source process? City Share is an ongoing speaker series

City Share: Cafe Reconcile

On Wednesday, June 20, Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise and Glass House Collective will partner to host City Share, a speaker-based community conversation series focused on sharing creative solutions to community issues. City Share gives community members an opportunity to dialogue with individuals from around the country using web-based video projection.