City Share: Lunch Hour

On September 7, City Share will feature James Costa, director, writer and producer of the new documentary, Lunch Hour. Lunch Hour is a feature length documentary that explores the National School Lunch Program, childhood obesity, and our addiction to unhealthy foods.

Along with Costa, a panel discussion from local Chattanooga food and education experts will chime in on the topic. Panelists include Mia Littlejohn of the Harlem Children Zone; Cindy Kean of Battle Academy and Calvin Donaldson Environmental Science Academy; and a representative from the Bethlehem Center.

“Out of the $2.77 dollars the Federal government spends per meal, it is astonishing that only $0.90 goes towards the food our kids eat every day. It wouldn’t hurt to have more money but we can do better with what we have” says producer, James Costa.

The discussion regarding this topic will be followed by a screening of Lunch Hour at River City Company’s Movies at the 700 Block event. The screening is free to the public on Saturday, September 8. The screening of the featured documentaries was made possible by collaboration with the Arts and Education Council. Chattanooga is currently the only southern city to host a screening of Lunch Hour.

Join us at noon on Friday, September 7th at 63 East Main Street to hear more on Lunch Hour and the discussion of how our schools can provide more nutritious food to students. The September conversation series is sponsored by Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise and River City Company. Those planning to attend should RSVP to

City Share is free and open to the public. Lunch will be provided.
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